Recommended: Read the guide on how to play this game, and what setting options are available.

A few notes before downloading:

The Resource Pack is required to play this map.

If anything goes wrong, the map can be reset in the lobby, as well as in the spaceship, via the signs with the inscription „Reset“ (creative mode required!) or via the command: „/function amongus:reset„.

Server settings: Can actually remain at the default values. For safety’s sake, you might want to activate a whitelist. If you want to play in freeplay mode, the difficulty must not be set to „Peaceful“.
Note: On non-vanilla servers, it can happen that entities do not get into teams or do not get a color. In addition, clicking too fast in the tasks can lead to an ejection from the server. (I currently have no idea how you could fix this. Suggestions are welcome!).

The map can be played on an Aternos server with vanilla Minecraft 1.16.5.


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